Lexington Medical Center Columbia, South Carolina
Winner of the 2007 Us Professional Landscape Society Green Award

"We choose to use Humble Acres Soil Amendment because it was a Green product.  It was easy to apply, it provided sufficient growth and it is locally manufactured, and reasonably priced."
        Marion Bolick, Horticulture Manager, Lexington Medical Center

Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens
Columbia, South Carolina

"We added the amendment to our potted plants at the zoo.  We saw an increase in our plants growth and blooms.  We also saw a decrease in the amount of water the plants needed."
        Melody Scott Leach, creator of habitat gardens Riverbanks Zoo

Rosebank Farms Charleston, South Carolina
    "This is a good product.  Using Humble Acres product under my plastic mulch, my second crop was as good as my first."

    "Rosebank Farms....field grown roses.  "I found an increase in the number of blooms using Humble Acres Organic Soil Amendment."

    "Twenty-four blooms on an one year old rose bush, amazing!"
              Sidi Limehouse, owner of Rosebank Farms

The Biltmore Estate
Ashville, North Carolina

After using Bloomin EZ Organic Compost (1 part) mixed with Fafard 3 B Potting Soil (4 Parts) at the Biltmore Estates Winery in 2009. 

"We noticed that it was able to hold moisture a bit longer than just straight Fafard.  Of course this cut down on our watering.   Plants seemed to transplant better into the soil mixture with the compost and get rooted in quicker.  We didn’t have to fertilize the urns with the compost product during the first 2/3 of the growing season, but during the last 1/3 we had to.   Potting Soil without the compost had to be fertilized after the first 1/3 of the growing seson.    All in all, we got positive results." 
-Bill Quade Lead Horticulturalist Biltmore Estates

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