Our products include: 
-Organic Compost

Bloomin' EZ Organic Compost
Our organic compost in a bag is for the professional landscaper or the home gardener.

*Provides season long fertility!
*Reduces watering needs!
*Increases the number of blooms!

It is Bloomin' EZ to grow beautiful flowers with Humble Acres Organic Compost!

 What makes it different from other compost on the market?

*It's composted until it turns into Humus. We use Agricultural crop residues such as wheat straw, old hay, and cotton gin trash (which is the leaves and burs after they are separated from the cotton). These sources of carbon break down easier and faster than wood products.  Most all of the competitive products on the market at 80 to 90% wood products such as bark.  These bark based products bring very little immediately available fertility.  In essence our product is much heavier than the competition's products.  All bagged compost products are sized to stay in a weight range of 30-40 lbs. per bag.  Since our product is broken down into humus it is also much more dense (is a higher weigh per volume) so a .5 cubi foot bag of our product is the same weight of a 1 cubic bag of the competition's product.  Also being humus, the nutrients are immediately plant available (the smaller the particle the more plant available it is).  We also use a source of natural bacteria and fungi that we leach out into water and spray them into our composting process that aids in thehumification process.  These bacteria and fungi remain in the compost and go to work in the garden when the compost is applied.

*It has high Calcium content.  We produce hatching eggs, so calcium is added into the feed to make the eggs hard.  Some of that calcium passes through the chickens into the manure which is the first digestion process.  The composting process is the second method of digesting the calcium.  In essence the calcium is digested twice and is immediate plant available.  Calcium is a necessary mineral for release of tied up nutrients such as NPK.  Bloomin' EZ Organic Compost not only delivers NPK (which basically matches all other compost) but with the help of the Calcium will release any existing NPK that is tied up in the soil where it is applied.  The calcium is the reason for the increased number of blooms.

*It has a low volume application rate. Our organic compost has been field tested with Clemson University for the past 3 years growing produce such as Bell Peppers and Watermelons.  In all cases our compost grew the same or more volume of produce than commercial fertilized test plots, and always had higher sugar content.  Through these extensive field trials we developed the application rates and incorporation depths.  You will notice on the application directions on the back of the bag that when the application rate is increased then the tillage depth is also increased.  Even though the compost is a chicken manure based product (approximately 20 % chicken manure) it will not burn plant roots.  All of the Ammonia N in the raw chicken manure is converted to Nitrate N during the compost process (it has no smell for a chicken manure based product).  Most of  the chicken manure based products on the market are dehydrated so when they get wet they again begin to smell. We found that our low volume application rate make our product much more affordable to the consumer.  At two large Garden Centers in the Charleston and Hilton Head areas our product was priced against two leading manufacturers of Organic Compost.  Both of the leading manufacturer's Organic Compost products were priced 13% higher than Bloomin' EZ Organic Compost for a new garden bed is 10-20 square feet, the application rate for a larger bag of the two leading manufacturer's Organic Compost is 6 square feet.  So the consumer sees Bloomin' EZ as 1/2 the cost over the major competitors (one bag Bloomin' EZ goes twice as far as the two bags from the leading competitors).

*It reduces watering needs. our organic compost has water holding capacity of 92 gallons per ton, when bagged the compost has moisture of approximately 25% (which means it has approximately 38 gallons of water per ton at 25% moisture).  Can you imagine one pallet of compost taking up 64 more gallons of water?  You can understand that it must have room to expand (directions for a pot application is one part compost to 4 parts potting soil, since the pot keeps it contained, it must have the potting soil to provide its needed flexibility).  Just so you can understand the water holding capacity (1/2 lb. of Bloomin' EZ per square foot=10 tons per acre or increasing the water holding capacity of one acre by 920 gallons) (1 lb. per square foot=20 tons per acre or increasing the water holding capacity by 1840 gallons per acre) (2 lbs. per square foot=40 tons per acre or increasing what reduced watering needs means on the front of the bag.  Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia SC amended all their large pots (20 to 100 gallon pots) with Bloomin' EZ to reduce their water use in these large pots.

*The available nutrients are not water soluble.  Through studies of composts using the process we use to manufacture Bloomin' EZ, it is understood that you cannot use 100% of the available nutrients in the first year.  It is more like 65 to 70% of the nutrients are used up the first year, 25-30% the second year, and 5-10% the third year.  This is the reason for the statement on the bag that it provides season long fertility.  Other organic products (Blood and Bone meals that bring fertility) are water soluble, and all chemical fertilizer inputs are water soluble.  These water soluble nutrients pass through the root zone either by rain or irrigation before they are all used up (usually in 8 to 12 weeks or 1/2 of a growing season).  Bloomin' EZ Organic Compost's nutrients are tied up into the organic matter and stay working in the top six inches of the soil.

*Customers that use our product.  Riverbanks Zoo (in Pots and Botanical Gardens), Clemson Botanical Garden, Lexington Medical Center (winner of the 2007 Green Award, Hospital Category, presented by the US Professional Landscape Society for using environmental friendly products), numerous Certified Organic Farms in South Carolina (farms certified by Clemson and University of Georgia), The Biltmore Estate, Ashville NC.

2007 Organic Watermelon Field Trials at Clemson University Edisto Research and Education Center

During April of 2007 the organic section of the Edisto Research and Education Center Vegetable Farm was harrowed and the beds were laid off.  Humble Acres Organics were asked to fertilize the test plots.  A total of 16 test plots were fertilized, 8 were fertilized with 10 tons (1/2 lbs. per square foot) of Humble Acres Organic Compost and 8 plots were fertilized with 15 tons (3/4 lb. per square foot) Humble Acres Organic Compost.  8 of the plots used black plastic mulch for weed control, and the other 8 plots used straw mulch for weed control.  There were no other treatments to the plots except hand weeding.  All plots were irrigated.  Each plot had 3 foot wide beds and with 8 foot wide centers, the plants were spaced 3 foot apart, there were 6 plants per plot.  Yields were calculated on 5,445 linear feet per acre.


Note 1: These organic plots yielded more lbs./acre than the commercial fertilized plots which were grown in the adjacent fields.

Note 2: All of the compost was placed on the surface of the bed and lightly tilled before the plastic or straw mulch was applied.

Note 3: Humble Acres Organic Compost and Bloomin' EZ Organic Compost is the same product.  Humble Acres Organic Compost is the bulk form and Bloomin' EZ Organic Compost is the bagged form, the products are manufactured by Humble Acres Organics.


Our bio-fertilizer is 10-0-10 product.  The bio-fertilizer is a percentage of dried compost and soluble fertilize.  The bio side feeds the microorganisms and the soluble side feeds the plants.  The reports below reveal that we were able to reduce the nitrogen needs by one quarter pound per one thousand square feet.  The report also revealed that we had an earlier spring green up. 

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