About Humble Acres Organics

Humble Acres Farm is a family owned farming operation in
Barnwell County South Carolina.  The original farm was
purchased in 1923 and has been farmed for four generations. 
Hatching Eggs, Organic Compost, and Bio-Fertilizer are the major
commodities produced on the
farm today.

Sustainable enviornmental practices are used in all phases of

operations.  We believe in feeding the soil with the
environmental friendly organic products, and using practices
that encouarges the development of a strong microbial community. 
These practices include crop rotations, reduced tillage, compost
applications, and planting cover crops.

Humble Acres Orangic Compost has been manufactured on the farm since 2006 and has been used by many South Carolina farms to grow sod, conventional and organic produce, and organic pastures.  Bloomin EZ is the trade name of our ogranic compost in a bag for the professional landscaper or the home gardener.

Bio-Fertilizer has been manufactured on the farm since 2012 and it's primary use is for golf courses, sports fields, and lawns.